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To help you manage your cost and ensure that you don’t get any untoward maintenance surprises after you have bought your dream car, we have introduced a Detailed Vehicle Inspection package. In this package our knowledgeable and trained technicians go beyond just the regular maintenance checklist. The vehicle is thoroughly inspected for mechanical, electrical and body defects if any and a detailed report is provided giving the condition of the car and any potential issues that you might face with it.

Starting from just AED 390, you can have any car inspected and make an informed decision about the condition and cost of maintaining your car.

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Should You Buy a Used Car?

Most of us assume that there is a demon lurking around the corner when it comes to buying a used car or a sports car. This demon is popularly referred to as maintenance cost. Tell your near and dear ones that you are considering buying a used car and you will immediately get a slap on your wrist and be reminded about out of warranty maintenance cost for a used car.

We sympathise with those who have faced massive repair costs soon after buying a used car and that’s why we encourage you to bring your car for a detailed vehicle inspection after buying it. By doing so, you will get to know the real condition of your car, be informed of any potential upcoming maintenance expenses and be able to plan your budget accordingly.  


Is your vehicle about to finish its warranty period?

Most car owners dread the point when the warranty period is about to finish on their cars. They rightly assume that they may be unlucky and have high maintenance issues once the car is no longer covered by warranty. But there is some hope. We advise our customers to get a Detailed Vehicle Inspection done just before the warranty runs out. This will can help identify any upcoming issues on your car while it is still under warranty and save on out of warranty repairs.

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